1st Balcombe Heights Scouts

Scout Hall Col Sutton Reserve Baulkham Hills Road BAULKHAM HILLS NSW 2153

The Cub Uniform, Badges and Placement of Badges


The Joey Scout Uniform consists of the dark blue shirt with the section colour, which is Tan, across the sleeve, yoke and collar.


Adventure Badge

The Adventure Challenge is designed to broaden each Joey Scout?s life experience in the wider world. This is achieved through participation in activities to places not normally visited by your mob.

Buddy Badge

Joey Scout Mobs can get together, share activities and have great fun. One Mob visits the other, who then returns the visit. Special activities are held when Mobs visit. Later, this could progress to sharing an outdoor activity, sleepover or Mob holiday. You can have a virtual Mob buddy scheme by using the Internet.

Caring and Sharing Badge

This activity may be run by your branch to develop the Joey Scout an understanding of Caring and Sharing and to add the Scouting agenda to the local community. Great publicity opportunities are provided.

Each Mob plans and runs programs for one month that focuses on caring and sharing. In the Greater Western Sydney region November is care and share month. As a highlight, a special deed is done for the local community. Badges and certificates are available for this special activity.

Environment Badge

As an integral part of its overall program the Scout Association aims to assist all its members to:

  1. Develop an appreciation and respect for the natural environment.
  2. Gain knowledge of Australian plants, animals and basic ecological principles (especially as they relate to conservation practises).
  3. Develop a sense of responsibility in behaviour and action.

Promise Badge

The aim of this challenge is to allow the older Joey Scouts to gain a greater understanding of the Promise and Law and to learn about our founder, Lord Baden-Powell (BP), and the history of Scouting.

Joey Scouts must reach the age of 7.5yrs before they commence work on this challenge.

Link Badge

Joey  Cubs Link Badge is awarded to the Joey Scout after successfully completing the linking program into cubs


Placement of Badges

Please click on the Placement Badge link to view template.